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CTM is a proudly South African company, focused on providing an affordable and entertaining mode of transport.

Our widely used slogan is ‘More Ride for your Rand’ which perfectly sums up CTM’s objective. The scooter and commuter range provide an extremely affordable option for commuters to have their own personal transportation at a fraction of the price of a car as well as the freedom of not having to rely on expensive or unreliable public transport. With the spiraling costs of localised personal travel, the financial benefits of riding a scooter or motorcycle are becoming more attractive than ever with massive savings on fuel, toll roads, parking, insurance, servicing and more. Cape Town Motorcycles road-legal range caters for everyone from 16 years and over but increasingly people of all ages are using our products as a logical alternative for their daily traveling needs. Saving just one tank of fuel in your vehicle per month could pay for the repayment costs of your own Bike.

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Why Cape Town Motorcycles

  • 2 Year / 20 000km Warranty on road legal models only

    We offer an industry-leading factory warranty with extended options available. Full warranty terms and conditions are fully disclosed to be easily applied by both customers and authorised dealer.

  • All models meet European Homoligation standards.

    Our products are manufactured in the East according the latest European standards (EEC).

  • 3 000km Service Intervals

    This provides our range of scooters and commuters with one of the longest designated service interval periods available from any manufacturer today, making them extremely affordable to maintain.

We Service All Brands & Models